The Butte Education Foundation has awarded the Great Ideas Grants for the Spring of 2018. Grants are awarded twice during the school year to teachers and schools to provide funding for innovative projects and programs that are not funded by the Butte School District.  Since program inception in 2008 over $145,000 in grants have been awarded to Butte Silver Bow Public Schools.


“Let’s get 150+ middle school students excited about coding, programming, and 3-D modeling utilizing their mechanical and problem-solving stills!  That’s what Guy Wadas of the East Middle School Science Department said in his request for $2500 for SPHERO: The Robotic Wonder-Ball.  By incorporating the ball with 3-D modeling and printing into the current curriculum, students can apply what they have learned in mathematics and science into real world applications. 


S 2018 Kennedy Kinder grant photo EDITED.JPG

Technology continues to be a request of the teachers as a way motivate the students to learn and that’s why Monica Schwemin and Brianne Watts from Kennedy Elementary were awarded $3000.00 for their grant, “iSTEAM”.  The grant will fund the purchase of iPads that will provide students access to STEAM activities which create an environment where students are motivated to learn by differentiating instruction for individual students.  Students will be provided hands-on opportunities to construct their own learning and do so either independently or socially.